Content Update 12th Jan

Progress Update:
So far, @Rush Vader has completed all the Mine Warps and has set up the holograms around each mine. I have yet to set up the mine system that allows the gamemode to work. There are some plans for a KitPvP to take place inside of the Prisons Gamemode called PrisonPvP. In PrisonsPvP, you can earn event tokens and coins which can be converted into Tokens for enchantments. All the holograms are done around spawn and we are coming up to completion very soon! Upon the public beta, I will release the store and we will have an 80% discount (there's a few signs around spawn with coupon codes on them).

Anarchy Update:
Anarchy has some plans but at the moment, we aren't focussing on developing it yet. We have looked at some potential content ideas so the gamemode isn't boring but we are yet to start making our anarchy gamemode.

Please stick with us while we try to bring the best content to you!