Content Update 10th Jan

I'm sure everyone is wondering what gamemodes we'll have. This thread will go in-depth on the types of games we will offer!

Our prisons gamemode will be launching soon! As this is the first gamemode we will release, we want to make sure the bugs are smoothed out and the experience is enjoyable. We will offer 34 prison mines, ranging from A-Z, Prestige 1-3, Rebirth 1-4 and Donator. Currently while writing, we have done mines A-J and we are swiftly moving ahead in development.

Yes, you read correctly, we are making an anarchy gamemode. This will require very little development so it will release after Prisons quite quickly. The twist is: competitions. We will host various competition on Anarchy for the chance to win exclusive items. There's not much left to put here.. it's anarchy.

Store stuff:
We will not have ranks. Replacing this will be chat colours, name tags, name colours and non-p2w items. Our store will be up soon for preorder items.