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Welcome to AquaPVP's rules page!
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All in-game rules apply
  • Use common sense
  • No flooding or spam
  • This includes DM’s and/or reactions and tags Inappropriate names, statuses and pictures are not allowed
  • No advertising Discords, Servers, YouTube / Media that is not AquaPVP related
  • No links to pornographic content, phishing/scams, virus’, IP Grabbers or Screamers
  • No NSFW.

  • No channel hopping
  • No soundboards, voice changers or playing music down the microphone
  • No recording the channel, unless for reporting someone

  • No discussion about hacks, religion or politics
  • No discrimination of any type
  • Excessive namecalling, threats or harassment is not allowed
  • No bug abuse
  • Do not evade a punishment
  • Do no impersonate
  • Staff can remove anyone they feel have violated our rules or Discord TOS Staff decision is final, do not argue or bargain with staff
  • Do not spam staff members.